Very Close to a Grizzly

_DSC4527It all started so innocently .... Here I was minding my own business in a Zodiac in British Columbia's Mussel Inlet when we came across a resting grizzly. After a little while hanging out and watching us, the bear rose up, stretched, and lumbered down to the water front. Next came some half hearted fishing attempts and a trip in to the water near our boat to look for long-dead salmon to eat. Wonder turned to a mild panic when the curious bear looked over and started to swim straight towards our tiny boat. The engine finally kicked in when the friendly giant was about 5 feet from my camera lens and we retreated. Something I'll never forget!

This wasn't a frightening experience. The bear had plenty to eat and never felt threatened. My overwhelming feeling was one of deep privilege at being allowed so intimately into this bear's world.




Sadly these gentle giants are at risk. Our continued thirst for lumber and fossil fuels threaten the Great Bear Rain Forest - this bear's home. One way to help is to support The Nature Conservancy in their work to protect and preserve this ancient wilderness.